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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Zepto Delivery Partner

Delivery Boy

Job Description: As a delivery boy, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods to customers. This may include various types of items such as food, packages, documents, or retail products. Your duties may include:

  1. Package Pickup: Collecting items from the designated pickup points, which could be warehouses, stores, or distribution centers.

  2. Delivery Route Planning: Efficiently planning delivery routes to maximize productivity and ensure timely deliveries.

  3. Safe Transportation: Safely transporting goods using a variety of transportation modes such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, or delivery vans.

  4. Customer Interaction: Interacting with customers upon delivery, ensuring their satisfaction, and handling any queries or concerns they may have.

  5. Documentation: Maintaining accurate records of deliveries, including obtaining signatures or proof of delivery where required.

  6. Adhering to Safety Regulations: Following all traffic laws and safety regulations to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

  7. Product Knowledge: Having a good understanding of the products you are delivering in order to answer customer questions effectively.

  8. Problem-Solving: Dealing with unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays, weather conditions, or delivery complications, and finding solutions to ensure successful deliveries.


  • Valid driver's license (if using a motorized vehicle).
  • Good physical fitness, as the job may involve lifting and carrying heavy packages.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Good communication skills and a customer-friendly attitude.
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly.
  • Familiarity with navigation tools such as GPS devices or maps.


  • Flexible working hours.
  • Opportunity for tips (if applicable).
  • Potential for career advancement within the delivery industry.
  • Being part of a dynamic and growing sector.

Note: The specific duties and requirements may vary depending on the employer and the nature of the delivery service.

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